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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours for Insights?

Insights office hours are traditional, Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 12:00pm (Noon) and 1:00pm to 5:00pm.  Please note that we are typically closed over the lunch hour unless we have a scheduled appointment.  Because some clients are unable to see us between these standard office hours for various reasons including being currently employed, meetings and contacts with clients may take place outside of these hours listed but must be scheduled in advance and are taken by appointment only!


Why should I pay for these services? I know someone who will help me with my resume or Linkedin profile at no cost.

Many people have friends who say they will help draft a resume or create a Linkedin profile. The risk in doing this is that this person may not know how to put graphics, colors, resume structure and font styles together in a manner that helps your resume/profile stand out while still maintaining a credible and professional appearance. As hiring professionals ourselves, we at Insights know what companies are looking for in a resume/profile and will make sure that yours captures all of the essentials it must have to draw interest.


The price to have my resume and Linkedin profile reviewed and/or written seems expensive, why so much?

Not really! Insights charges a much lower price than most other competitors in the market. Our competitors may charge 2-3 times what we are asking if not more – search the internet and see for yourself. We also ask our clients to think of other items they may spend money on over the course of a year for things that may not be near as important as a service such as ours that could advance your career. When compared with some of those items, it suddenly doesn’t seem that expensive to have Insights provide you with a professional, polished resume.


How long will it take once I ask for your help with a resume or LinkedIn profile?

Resume and Linkedin profile reviews can generally be completed within 1-3 business days because you will be doing the revisions yourself after we make our professional suggestions. Resume writing and/or Linkedin profile development is generally 3-7 business days depending on the volume of customers ahead of you at the time of your request and the complexity of your resume and/or Linkedin profile.

What if there is something I do not like about the final product produced by Insights?

It is still your resume and/or Linkedin profile after all and you have the final approval of its content. We will make the adjustments that you desire however, if we advise against these changes you will need to understand that those revisions may be decreasing your chances of the resume and/or Linkedin profile having the desired impact when viewed by a prospective employer.


Does Insights only work with certain types of clients?

Absolutely not!  It does not matter if you consider yourself "blue collar" or "white collar".  The executives at Insights have worked with people from many different backgrounds and all walks of life.


What does a Career Consultation consist of?

This is truly a unique opportunity to sit down with an Insights executive that will engage you in the process of understanding how to present yourself as a professional, credible candidate including a thorough review of your individual situation.  This will involve the discovery of your specific strengths, limations and how you should prepare to explain them to a prospective employer.  We will carefully study every aspect of you as a candidate to guide you in the right direction moving forward.  You will leave a career consultation session with a very high amount of confidence and excitement about the ability you now have to sell yourself as a candidate in a manner that will increase your odds of getting noticed!


What are Advising Memberships?

It seems that while job seekers have many resources out there to turn for help, current employees have no one to go to for advice in solving the concerns & problems that arise in their workplace without placing their current jobs and source of income in serious jeopardy!  Advising memberships are a revolutionary service that gives current employees confidential access to business executives and HR professionals that can guide you through a work related challenge to improve the chances of a successful outcome.  Through this service, the goal of the Insights team is to reduce the number of conflicts and loss of jobs in the workplace while also reducing employee to employer litigation.  Are you a job seeker?  Advising membership clients may also obtain scouting reports on the company and person they are scheduled to interview with.  Simply put, we are all about trying to create and preserve relationships!


How do I make contact with Insights?

Clients may engage us by phone at (316) 425-7200, email us at the "Contact Us" page of this website or see us at the office in person.  We are very excited about the opening of our new office at Wichita's historic Orpheum Theater Building at 200 N. Broadway, Suite 100!  Should you wish to have an in person visit with an Insights executive, please schedule an appointment in advance.  We would just feel awful if you decided to visit our office and we were unable to spend time with you!  

Why doesn’t Insights offer more services?

Insights is continually reviewing this as we move forward in the future and do have plans to expand our services. If there are specific services that you think would be beneficial and interest you, please share your thoughts and suggestions with us!

I am an executive, human resource officer or professional resume writer myself, can I be considered by Insights to join its ranks and work with their clients?

Perhaps! Please inquire with Insights through our website and tell us about your background and what you believe you bring to the table. Our founder will contact you to discuss this further.


Have a question not addressed here? Please submit it and a member of the Insights team will respond to you.