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Advising Memberships - Starting at $39.95 per month, $119.85 per quarter or $99.00 for 1 session (non-membership) 


Are you employed already but have a difficult situation that you need professional advice to solve? Maybe you want to ask for a raise, handle a problem with another employee or supervisor, or just simply ask a question related to employment law.


You could go directly to your manager or the human resources department of your current employer, but what if that makes the situation worse? You could go to an attorney for guidance, but that would almost certainly guarantee permanent damage to the relationship you have with your employer when the lawyer insists on filing legal action. In addition, filing legal action against your current employer has the potential to negatively impact your prospects of employment with a future employer if they find out you litigated against a previous employer. Don't lose your current employment or jeopardize future employment by rushing to pursue one of those options before talking to Insights first.


Are you a job seeker?  Insights Advising Membership clients can get scouting reports on the company and individual that they are interviewing with.  Go into that interview confident that you will make the right impression and connect with your interviewer.


Insights is excited to offer a revolutionary service to those currently employed and those looking to become employed!  Sign up for an annual advising membership or an individual session with Insights. Confidential and discreet, you can bring the expertise of the Insights executive team to the table in order to help solve your workplace dilemma and/or assist in your career pursuits. We will advise you in such a manner that you can speak freely about your concerns without the level of risk associated with the options mentioned earlier. Being an advising membership client allows you to contact Insights for an individual advising session or secure a 1 year membership option for guidance on any issue related to your employment and/or your career.  Put Insights to work for you whenever you need us!



Advising Options (Payment Plans Available):



Individual Session:     $99.00

Annual Membership:   $39.95 per month or $119.85 per quarter 


Advise Me


Career Consultation - $149.95

A candidate can have the best possible resume but still fail in the search and interview process. Insights will discuss every aspect of a client's unique situation to give them the best possible chance at a positive outcome in their desire to find the right opportunity and build a successful career. We will give clients advice on how to emphasize his or her strengths while overcoming their own limitations when meeting or speaking with a potential employer.


This is a truly unique opportunity to consult with a hiring executive that can give clients the subtle tips and pieces of advice that will leave them feeling quite confident about their search strategy and chances of making a positive impression moving forward.


Consult With Me