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Social Media Consulting 

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Human Resources Advising Memberships 

Need Human Resources help for your business without the added salary expense of hiring a Human Resources executive?  Partner with Insights!  Business members working with our firm can access a Human Resources executive to handle items related to policy development, conflict resolution, legislative & legal updates among many other member benefits.  All for a fraction of the cost!  Membership monthly rates vary based on the number of advising hours each business partner believes will best meet the needs of the company.



Product/Service Promotion

Have Insights promote a product or service provided by your business. All of the clients Insights advises have various needs and interests that have to be met. Why not give your business the visibility needed through our engagement with them to bring the individual clients of Insights directly to you? Among many possibilities, our individual clients may need clothing, personal grooming, communication devices, continuing education, or simply a good meal out on the town! Let us help them see you!



Access to Client Database (Coming Soon!)

Insights has individual client resumes posted on our website for our business partners to access and view should you have an opening or simply be searching for professional talent that has been mentored and advised by the Insights executive team. Unlike many other employment firms, Insights charges for access to our entire client database and not a referral fee for each client that you decide to hire. This can easily save thousands of dollars of expense to your company's effort to find the right candidates to match the needs of your organization.



Post Job Openings (Coming Soon!)

Have a specific position to fill within your organization and need a high caliber candidate? Advertise it through Insights for our clients to see!