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About Insights Career Consulting

About Insights

Insights Career Consulting is a team of Executives, Recruiters and Human Resource Professionals that have come together to assist individuals in achieving their career pursuits and solving their workplace problems. Our team has many years of experience in the business world. We have interviewed, hired and trained thousands of individuals just like you. Seeing the excitement, personal pride and sense of accomplishment on a person’s face when being informed that they have been selected for a job opportunity is a truly satisfying feeling. When each member of our team has hired a job seeker, we know what a difference that positive news will make in the lives of that new employee and his or her family.

Unfortunately, we have also seen many individuals lose opportunities that were desperately needed. We know all too well that having to visit with a person and inform them that he or she will no longer be employed is a difficult responsibility and a somber experience. Regardless of the reason for taking such an action, we know that the individual’s life will be affected in a very negative way. That person’s house or car payment may now be in jeopardy or worse yet; their ability to provide the basic necessities to them and their families may be compromised.

That brings us to the very simple reason and basic principle that has driven us to form Insights Career Consulting. We prefer the positive side! We genuinely want to help you. If we can offer the expert guidance that enables you to secure the opportunity you seek or keep a current job that you need, then we will share in that excitement with you. Simply put, we are confident that we can make a difference in your career and stand ready to do so.

Through our extensive Executive and Human Resources experience, the Insights Career Consulting team has joined forces and is now in a unique position to help job seekers gain an advantage in their pursuit of career success and advise current employees in strategies that will allow them to remain employed. We look forward to working with each of you now and into the future.